While there are a variety of “systems” the most efficient system is the Solr4u circulator system.

Quite simply, we connect a small circulator to the existing (or new) hot water cylinder and draw cold water near the base of the cylinder, circulate it up and though a solar water heating panel on the roof, then back into the cylinder. A controller automates the system as to when to commence circulation and when to stop based on heat differential between water at bottom of cylinder and top of panel(s). There is a range of controllers depending on how much info you would like to know!

It is standard practice to leave the backup heating source (electric element, gas, oil etc) switched on so there is still sufficient hot water when there is bad weather, or if there has been a larger than normal draw off of hot water. Many people find it is possible to leave the element turned off over summer.


Contact us today and we will show you a panel, circulator and a controller! It will all become clear very quickly. It’s simple, smart, excellent quality and extremely effective. Enquire today.