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While there are a variety of “solar water heating systems” the most efficient system is the Solr4u circulator system. 

How the system works

  • We connect a small circulator to the existing (or new) hot water cylinder and draw cold water from the base of the cylinder.

  • This water is heated through a panel on the roof and sent back to the cylinder.

  • A controller automates the system as to when to commence circulation and when to stop, based on heat differentials between the water at the bottom of the cylinder and top of the panel.

  • We have a range of controller options depending on your requirements!

Solar Water Heating System
Photo of Solar Water Heating System coneting to existing hot water cyclinder

Backup Heating (optional)

The electric element is turned on and off by the solar controller, this ensures that the sun is always prioritised for water heating, but ensures that the home always has hot water when it’s needed. During summer months, it's common for the electric element to remain off all the time.

Back up Solar Water Heating System

Contact us today and we’ll show you a panel, circulator, and a controller! It will all become clear very quickly. It’s simple, smart, excellent quality and extremely effective. 

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