Does the system work in bad weather?

Yes, it will work on cloudy days, although not as efficiently as in sunny weather.

Will we run out of hot water in bad weather?

It is normal practice to leave the electrical or gas backup heater so that in bad weather the system automatically maintains the hot water.

What are the savings?

Water heating normally takes between 40 and 60% of the average power bill so savings will be 75-90% of your hot water heating costs. On the average, more than 40% of domestic electricity is used for heating water. Solar hot water can achieve savings of up to 75% of hot water usage in the winter and up to 98% in the summer. Solar heating systems are based on the same simple, yet extremely effective principles.

How long will it take to pay off my solar system?

It can take less than 3 years to pay off this amazing investment.

Will it increase the value of my home?

Yes it will add value to your home, and also provides an investment in the New Zealand environment.

What size system will I need?

This depends on the number of people in your household and the size of your hot water cylinder. Our aim is to ensure that your solar system meets the needs of your family.

Here are some rough guidelines:

  • 1-2 adults with a 135-150 litre hot water cylinder require a 1 standard size (2.00 sqm) panel system.

  • 2-3 adults with a 180-200 litre hot water cylinder require a 1 large size (2.5 sqm) panel system.

  • 3-4 adults with a 220-300 litre hot water cylinder require a 2 standard size panel system.

  • 5-6 adults with a 300-500 litre hot water cylinder require a 2 large size panel system.


Can extra panels be added later if our family grows (or if we decide to heat our pool?)

Yes. The panels are modular and designed for easy add-ons.

Can the system be installed on existing homes?

Yes, the system complements both new and existing homes.

Is it mains, or low pressure only?


Where will the panels be put?

Preferably on a north-facing roof as close as possible to the hot water cylinder. Second choice is facing the afternoon sun (north-west). Third choice is facing the morning sun (north-east). Never facing south. The panels can tolerate a large variation off north with little loss in efficiency.

How long will the system take to install?

Normally installations take 1 day.

What is so great about your system?

Stylish European design, superior performance, ECO friendly, and can be connected into existing hot water system.


What length of warranty do you offer on your system?

10 years on the panels and manufacturer's warranty on other components.

What is the estimated life of your system?

20 years plus.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Occasional cleaning of the glass cover helps maintain efficiency.

How good is solar thermal?

In pure efficiency terms, solar-thermal or solar hot water heating panels are over three times more efficient at harvesting energy than solar-electric (PV) panels. This does depend on what you want. If you have a lot of hot water to heat up, this is the way to go. Solar hot water heating can achieve savings of up to 75%! Buildings in New Zealand are exposed annually to 20 or 30 times more energy from the sun than they consume in electricity and gas. New Zealand has a world class solar resource.

What are the points of difference from other solar heating systems?

  • Meets European Certification Standards.

  • Pure copper collector for long life.

  • Latest developments in selective surface technology for performance.

  • No ugly and heavy tank on the roof.

  • We specialise in pumped systems which have been proved to be most efficient.

  • All our installations are completed or supervised by qualified plumbers, fully trained in solar applications.

Do the systems just provide hot water for my in-house use or are there other applications?

Many of our clients have used our solar systems for not only in-house but heating outdoor swimming pools, under floor heating, cowsheds, spa, industrial, commercial water heating and so on.