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Do more

with solar water heating

Do more with your solar water heating system

Ever wished you could get even more from your solar hot water system ?

Well, now you can, thanks to the advancements in controller technology and our very popular heat exchanger system.

Our controllers have the ability to control more than one circulator, this allows them to pull surplus hot water generated by the system to a local heat exchanger located at either the pool or spa (or both).

In this way, heat is effectively transferred from the panels to the pool or spa without the water bodies  making contact with each other. Quotes and Installation in Tauranga and Bay of Plenty region.

Soalr Panels for solar water heating system
HWC connected to Solar hot water
shower-head connected to solar hot water
Solar hot water connection
Solar Heated  Spa
Heat Exchanger connected to Solar hot water system
Solar heated pool

Panel Selection

  • In a multi-system, more energy is harnessed from the panels.

  • Glazed panels are used for their improved efficiency, and higher temperature ranges. (up to 150 Deg C)

  • The system looks at the energy available on the panels sending it to either the home hot water, pool or spa.

  • Heating priorities are configurable.

  • These systems are highly automated as the controller does the work of deciding where best to send the heating as the weather throughout the day changes.

Solar water heating system
Multi Solar water heating system

Advantages of a Multi-System

Our multi systems are becoming more and more popular as people look to consolidate their heating systems. 

Benefits of this system

  • The Solar water system works all year round.

  • These systems carry more panels than a standard home solar system, giving you excellent winter heating when most needed, while allowing you to maximise your pool investment in summer.

  • Extends your swimming season.

  • These system operate particularly well in windy conditions, as the absorbers are enclosed in a glass case.

  • Due to panel efficiency, a smaller roof space is required compared to traditional pool heating only panels, potentially giving you more roof space for other types of solar energy systems.

An example of a multi-system controller

Multi Solar water heating system controller
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