Solr4u - Techno Solis Swimming Pool Solar Panels

  • Specialist swimming pool panels designed to lift pool temperatures by up to 11 degrees!  

  • Extends your swimming season.

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Long comprehensive warranty

  • Proven performer

  • Pool covers available


We have options around using the filter pump to circulate the water to the solar panels, however, a separate solar pump is often required. Set up with a differential controller, whenever heat is available, the solar will heat the pool up to a desired temperature. We can talk to you about filtering time tables etc, however the solar is fully automated.

We can also discuss with you our recommended proportions of solar required subject to the surface area of the pool.

As a guide, this demonstrates the anticipated gains of solar:

Standard System:    40 % solar to pool ratio for a 3-degree gain

Medium System:    60 % solar to pool ratio for a 3 to 5-degree gain

Full System:              75% solar to pool ratio for a 5 to 8-degree gain

Premium System:   100% solar to pool ratio for a 8 to 11-degree gain

** Heat gains are subject to the pool construction, and exposure to wind etc. Suffice to say the more solar the more gain and the quicker recovery after bad weather. And what’s more the more extended your swimming season will be!

Spa Pools

For spa pools we use the Home Solar Panels (glazed). The reasons for this are around the fact that we want spa pools at a hotter temperature; we are often seeking solar heating more so in winter for spa pool use, and we have a smaller volume of water than a outdoor swimming pool.  One question we are often asked is, is it viable to install a panel just for spa solar. Well the answer – not really! Especially so when it comes to modern spa pools as they are well insulated. The ideal situation is to heat the home hot water and the spa pool. Utilise the panels and system to do both. We install the home solar system and add on a heat exchanger, separate circulator for the spa.  Talk to us today about options!