Solr4u (SUNZ) Solar Hot Water Panels

  • Highly efficient Almeco-Tinox Highly Selective Aluminium outperforms all other selective surfaces by 10 - 16%.

  • Can be fitted to most existing hot water cylinders, both mains pressure and low pressure.

  • Smart European styling, panels blend with your roof like a skylight. No tank on roof!

  • Pure copper collector with special toughened prismatic solar glass.

  • 10-year guarantee on the panels.

Existing Homes

Utilising the existing cylinder is an excellent way to save cost on a solar water heating system. Solr4u Solar Panels (SUNZ) panels are a proven reliable energy source. Solr4u active solar hot water heating systems eliminate maintenance and maximize efficiency and can connect directly to your hot water system.

If you are running out of hot water, talk to us about swapping your current cylinder for a larger one. Below is a guide as to how to match up panels to cylinders to number of people in the home.

New Homes

For new homes, we use the same system as existing homes, with the option of increasing cylinder size and with dedicated solar ports (we can explain further). If you are looking to add a Spa or Swimming Pool, we can incorporate a combination system. Talk to us today.

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