Solr4u can provide a quality water heating system, whether it is simply a domestic hot water system, an integrated "combi" system (multi function), spa or pool heating. Whether you have an existing system, plan to build, own a home, factory, or have premises using hot water, we can save you money. We can help you find the best system to suit your needs.

Glazed solar panels

  • Highly efficient design. Titanium selective surface outperforms all other selective surfaces by 10 - 16%.

  • Can be fitted to most existing hot water cylinders, both mains pressure and low pressure.

  • Smart European styling, panels blend with your roof like a skylight. No tank on roof!

  • Pure copper collector with special toughened prismatic solar glass.

  • 10 year guarantee on the panels, expected service life 20 years plus!

  • Guaranteed to provide years of hot water from the sun!

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Unglazed Pool Panels

  • Specialist swimming pool panels designed to produce more than 25 - 30 degrees water temperature, and which keep your pool heated longer.

  • Made from high impact polypropylene, small particle carbon black, UV stabiliser.

  • 40% more cost effective than glazed panel systems.

  • Backed by the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

  • 100% of the panel is utilised as a solar absorber. No gaps between the risers. The panel will not move or overlap on roof.

  • Maintenance free. Once installed, just sit back and relax in your deliciously warm swimming pool

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Steca Controllers

The centre piece of a solar thermal system is the solar controller which uses the sun as a supply of energy in conjunction with the solar collectors, storage tanks and circulation pumps. It also monitors and controls technical procedures. Choosing from a range of controllers, we guide you to the best controller to suit your needs.


Benefits of Steca controllers:

  • They are highly efficient and easy to use.

  • The wide range of monitoring and control functions guarantee that your solar system runs safely and with maximum service life.

  • Manufactured in Germany, these high quality, state of the art controllers optimise the interaction of various heat sources, hydraulic versions and loads.

  • The controllers focus on maximum system efficiency.

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