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3 inputs, 1 output

  • Compact, multipart designer casing
  • Graphical LC display with backlighting
  • Animated representation of the systems and operating states
  • Non-verbal menu navigation


Product features

  • Compact, multipart designer casing
  • Maximum storage tank temperature
  • High level of operational safety through fault diagnosis
  • Temperature display °C / °F
  • Collector overtemperature disconnection
  • Spring clamp terminals allow rapid and easy installation



  • Graphical LC display with backlighting
  • Animated representation of the systems and operating states



  • Non-verbal menu navigation
  • Side switch for manual, auto, off



  • Holiday (storage tank recooling)
  • Interval / tube collector
  • Anti-freeze
  • Display storage tank top


Steca TR 0301 controller

SKU: 364215376135199
  • The Steca TR 0301 was the first controller on the market to be equipped with a graphic display, on which an animated solar circuit of a solar energy system fully indicates the operating status of the system.

    The clearly arranged display ensures easy operation using pictograms. The controller was jointly designed with an internationally renowned design centre. The controller is used for monitoring and controlling solar thermal systems with one collector array and one storage tank. In addition, the controller performs important system monitoring and safety functions to ensure safe and long-lasting operation of the entire system. The numerous additional functions of the Steca TR 0301 also include a maximum storage tank temperature function, a tube collector function, an anti-freeze function, a holiday and storage recool function as well as a choice of temperature indications in either degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). The operational safety of the system is supported by a sophisticated fault diagnosis. The multi-coloured LCD backlighting ensures quick and safe location of occurring errors and facilitates quick troubleshooting.

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